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Getting back to the center of our pleasure, our time, our relaxation.
Conceiving, and thus living, every space. The most important uses, its amenities, its aesthetics.
A new philosophy of living that looks beyond the geometric design limits of our homes. 
Just outside the boundaries, where the essence of relaxation and contact with nature is hidden, an open place to breathe in, take care of and make our own.
Exteta’s main goal is to provide quality assurance and to go beyond clients’ standards. As a result, every material, process and product is meticulously followed with care and passion. After a long and arduous path towards improvement, Exteta received the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, an important recognition for continuous effort made to imagine and build a company capable of maintaining sustainable excellence in all its facets.
Exteta brings the best design outside and transforms the outdoors into a completely absorbing experience of aesthetics and functionality.

An infinite range of possibilities that creates an outdoor style of harmony.

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