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Arketipo Lights the Way for Innovative Design

Nothing can change the ambience of a room with such a dramatic resonance than good lighting. Lighting is designed to provide a sense of atmosphere and drama, warmth and comfort.

Light plays with forms and objects, with room dynamics and even our most intimate selves. Arketipo's selection of lighting takes inspiration in the unusual and makes them a common place, a feature to admire and be transfixed by. They take geometry and mechanical design with material selections to create life from light, and light from life.


Designed by Gino Carollo

Laced with intricate details and a savvy design mantra, Blob is the neo-classic lamp that is fit for the modern home and everything that it embodies. From the nuanced colored cables, which latch onto the stems bringing personality and exclusive insight into the design, to the different finishes and stem color choices, Blob is for the modern visionary of interior style.

Original in execution, shrewdness in reinterpreting the sinuous shapes of nature, Blob sets a vision of what is possible in providing theatre and drama to lighting a room. Blob is available in a desk and suspension variety, each with their own take on providing effect when hung and pointed at various angles.


Designed by Bernhardt & Vella

With its lines and circles, strong geometric styling, and a somewhat subtle ode to Kandinskij, Iride is a sculpture that when lit, sets an ambience of its own making. By playing with contrasting shapes and distances, Arketipo's designers have managed to take the interconnected arrangement and create strong emotive resonance with halo effect lighting.


Designed by Gino Carollo

Recognizable by the three glass spheres of different sizes, Bubble Bobble is supported by thin metal strips, playing with natural light between the spheres artificially created by the shapes. Bubble Bobble is an emotional construction, one that senses and creates a room's ambience with ease and elegance.


Designed by Gino Carollo

Képi is without pretension, yet through a sober and classical interpretation, is inspired by the shape of a cylinder – it generates a dynamic figure in its own space. An indisputable star of understated contemporary design, rendering it a gem to the most exclusive interiors.


Designed by Gino Carollo

Thanks to a unique mottled glass design and a play on childhood storytelling, Oompa Loompa is more than an ode to the characters from Willy Wonka, it's about turning light and the spaces around it into theatre. From the suspended collection to the floor lamp, Oompa Loompa defines its style with bold glass colors and radial positioning, allowing it to play on light and leave one's own imagination to take flight.



"Working with Arketipo allows you to construct new perceptions of design and consequently, each approach with a designer is different; what remains the same is that the product is always born from a sharing of values, from a comparison of ideas and developed constructively in the best ways and evolution for the realization of the initial idea." – GINO CAROLLO


"We create based on two design principles, serenity and discreet elegance." – BERNHARDT & VELLA


To learn more about Arketipo, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 to be connected to our Dallas Design District showroom or 713.439.0044 for our Houston Decorative Center showroom.


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