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Arketipo Teaches the Concept of 'Comfort in Privacy'

In this small-scaled apartment in Warsaw, the designers were tasked to reflect both a private life and a life in which relaxation feels open and unintrusive. Weronika Kotlarska, an interior designer and graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, struck this balance with a theme that would grant guests a sense of liberty and privacy, capturing the Eastern industry philosophy of geometry and industrial chic.

The open-plan living allows for the chance to mingle and relax. With Giuseppe Viganò's Auto-Reverse sofa, Arketipo believes that it's more than choosing an elegant piece of furniture, it's one that allows you to play with form and style. Auto-Reverse effortlessly shapes the environment, allowing it to be freely explored.

The colors and materials chosen were distinctly intentional – Tuscan leather for the sofa and armchair, dark, neutral colors in the curtains, light rails, and slate floor, and a mixture of glass and wood to warm the space up, creating vastness in a small yet liberated space.

Jupiter by Mauro Lipparini is the perfect accompaniment to the room with its fiberglass shell and soft leather. Add in the matching footstool and comfort is once again revisited without compromise. No Eastern European home is complete without Stijl, a design that screams geometry. Its crystal, cement, and wooden materials make the design, adding texture and flow to the final project.

Part retro flavor, part chic fashion style, Twiggy is the design that pulls everything together. From the velvet padded back to the piping around the perimeter, this design fits no norms and makes a statement we can all admire.


To learn more about Arketipo, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom or 713.439.0044 for our Decorative Design Center Houston showroom.


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