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'Be the First' With Gallotti&Radice

Gallotti&Radice introduces their newest campaign: 'Be the First', along with their new 2021 Collection. This VIP program is dedicated to Gallotti&Radice's most premium dealers and includes exclusive benefits to Cantoni Trade and our customers such as presentations and events within our Dallas Design District showroom and a special capsule collection of fabrics that is solely created for Cantoni Trade.

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The 2021 Collection, designed by a group of established designers, celebrates beauty as a timeless virtue and interprets new decorative styles that are beyond temporary trends. Modulated glass combines in a surprising range of finishes and combines with other precious materials to create fascinating combinations that make tribute to the feminine world and the natural sphere.

A sensory journey that is made up of material invention and color shades and a rich realm of aesthetically strong proposals, the 2021 Collection explores the transversality of Gallotti&Radice's style for an elegant and exclusive total living.

Explore the entirety of Gallotti&Radice's 2021 catalogue.


To learn more about Gallotti&Radice and their new 2021 Collection, contact us at, call 214.742.8111 to be connected to our Dallas Design District showroom, or visit Cantoni Trade's new page on Gallotti&Radice's website.


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