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Bonaldo: Dining Tables with a Distinctive Personality

Founded in 1936, Bonaldo began specializing in metals used in the furniture industry. The Italy-based company has since continued to experiment with new and innovative materials, while also partnering with some of the top international designers. The result has produced award-winning furnishings, especially their collection of statement-making dining tables that utilize prestigious materials to give a value of immediate recognition and strong formal identity.


Cross Table

The Cross Table is the synthesis of the cross combination of three essential elements that, in a refined combination, offer an evocative scenic effect.

The top of the Cross Table rests only on a thin structure, but it is the wooden base in the shape of a cross that gives the table its solidity and structural force. The design of the table offers a collective vision where the role of each element emerges in relation to the others in an appealing contrast between straight lines and soft curves, between masculinity and femininity.

The top is available in wood, ceramic, marble. The base is available in a wide range of finishes, including the elegant pearl gold and platinum shades and Bonaldo's newest finish – glass. The Cross Table Glass version features a base in transparent glass that provides a visually appealing and dynamic appearance. The Cross Table Glass is the newest version to reach Cantoni Trade's showroom. Designed by Alain Gilles.

Curling Table

Curling is a table with a delicate, clean and harmonious design that leaves no room for superfluous decoration.

The base of the Curling Table is carved from a single block of Carrara or black Marquinia marble, resulting in the simplest and purest of forms. A metal cylinder sits on top of the marble base to support the table top, in ultra-transparent glass, creating a truly sleek overall effect. Curling is defined by its instinctive, immediate design, its bold character and its imposing scenic presence. Designed by Gino Carollo.

Cop Table

Conviviality, which is the primary function of any table, is expressed with irony in the Cop Table.

In the Cop Table, stylized elements are inspired by bottles, precious chalices and champagne glasses in various shapes and sizes. The top is a neutral element, yet at the same time, it is the dividing line of the world that it reflects. Flexible lines and careful formal research create a table intended to bring people and ideas together.

The base of the Cop Table is in painted metal, in a single color or a combination of different hues, or in burnished, matte brass or matte copper finishes. The fixed top is offered in wood, glass, ceramic or marble and can be round or with rounded edges. Designed by Roberto Paoli.

Circus Table

"Iconic with an astral beauty, I hope, of an essential elegance." – Designer, Fabrice Berrux

Circus is a fixed table which draws on the laws of physics for its contrast of quite different geometric shapes: the impressive and scenic central base is surmounted by a large disc-shape top, evoking a pleasant sensation of movement. The table acquires strength and elegance in a unique balancing act, becoming the real protagonist of the dining area.

The Circus Table is available in solid wood, ceramic or marble. The metal base is available in different versions, including the elegant pearl gold, platinum, and clouded chrome finishes. Designed by Fabrice Berrux.


Alain Gilles

Alain Gilles opened his own studio in 2007 in order to pursue his own dreams and develop his personal approach to product design, furniture design, art direction and interior architecture. A pillar in the evolutionary path of Bonaldo that sign great successes like the Big Table, an icon of international design, and the Welded Table and Eddy Relaxing Armchair.

Gino Carollo

The collaboration between Gino Carollo and Bonaldo started at the beginning of 2000. It was founded on a shared outlook towards internationalization and industrial design, toward product design linked to engineering, to the meticulousness of the process that starts from the prototyping stage up to the realization of finished models.

Roberto Paoli

An interesting experimentation is at the base of the collaboration between Roberto Paoli and Bonaldo that began in 2014. The architect and interior designer brings a contribution to the company focused on a design style where the creative process melds with consolidated technical and material performance knowledge, in order to innovate and to give shape to products with an extremely clean formal look.

Fabrice Berrux

After graduating from the National School of Fine Arts in Dijon, Fabrice Berrux set up the firm "18 Août" in 1987, creating playful objects which are sold in major museums. Fabrice Berrux designs for some of the biggest international furniture and design brands. The Panorama Sofa, presented at the Salone del Mobile 2018, has been awarded with the Good Design Award.


To learn more about Bonaldo, contact us at or call 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you.


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