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Brand Spotlight: Bosa

Handmade pieces from Bosa are truly works of art that add interest and intrigue. Founder, Italo Bosa, began his craft in 1976, using ancient techniques to create objects and accessories that are like no other in the world. Today, he collaborates with renowned artists and designers such as Spanish designer, Jaime Hayon, to create collections that display innovation and unique precision. Lighting, tabletop decor and home furnishings so unique, they have to be admired.

Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon was born in Madrid in 1974. His artistic vision was first fully exposed in the ‘Mediterranean Digital Baroque’ and ‘Mon Cirque’ installations. These collections put Jaime at the forefront a new wave that blurred the lines between art, decoration and design and a renaissance in finely-crafted, intricate objects within the context of contemporary design culture.

For more information on Bosa call 800.226.8664 to connect the showroom nearest you.


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