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Bring Outdoor Living to the Table with Manutti

Nesting tables have become a functional addition to many interior spaces, but they serve just as much of a purpose in the outdoors! Manutti likes to put their nesting tables right in the center of the action. Their unique designs and luxurious materials were made to be admired and with various heights to choose from, creating the perfect combination of outdoor nesting tables has never been easier.

Tsuki, A Playful Eyecatcher

Tsuki is not your ordinary side table, thanks to its uniquely organic shape. No matter how its viewed, the Tsuki table will always appear different due to the stylish colors at play, the cracked wood lines and irregular structures of its timber. Available in Teak Natural and Teak Scuro.

Cobi, Manutti's Signature Design

Cobi is perfect for those in need of a lot of space, thanks to its large top surface. It allows for elaborate decor or even a casual meal for two. The elegant base not only provides necessary stability, but it also ensures that Cobi remains light and airy. Cobi combines perfectly with Manutti's popular Flex, Kobo, Air and River collections. Available in Brushed Teak or Teak Scuro.

Torsa and Mood, Classics in a New Appearance

True icons, the popular Torsa and Mood table collections have been expanded with a new, wider circular coffee tabletop. Due to their different heights and diameters, these tables can be arranged and rearranged to make a nesting combination that suits any mood.



To learn more about Manutti, contact us at or call 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you.


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