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Cantoni Trade @ Salone del Mobile. Milano 2019

Salone is the most inspirational show I’ve ever attended in all my years in our industry. As our Founder and CEO Michael Wilkov said, “If you can’t be inspired in Milan by Salone, and all the events taking place in the city, you shouldn’t be in this business.”

I’m still catching up from the trip, but wanted to share a few exciting recaps from some of our key brand partners (see below, the images will take you to their online recaps) from this year's Salone that sparked my interest (and hopefully will yours too.)

Over the next weeks we will be reviewing all that we saw in Milan and making our buying decisions.

The end result is that many exceptional pieces will be heading to Texas soon (some of which will be making their debut at Cantoni Trade.)

Stay tuned, because I feel confident that 2019 is going to be an epic year for all of us.

We hope to see you in the showroom soon.



General Manager

214-742-8111 x 401


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