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Celebrating Franco Albini with Exteta

Franco Albini was one of the most important and meticulous Italian architects of the 20th century, adhering to Italian Rationalism – an architectural style inspired by the scale, structure, and symmetry of ancient Roman architecture but without the ornamental flourishes associated with the styles of classism and neoclassicism.

Albini made a significant impact on the history of both Italian and international architecture through his multidisciplinary approach, which combines elements of industrial design, architecture, and urbanism.

The Poltrona Bergère 1939 armchair seamlessly blends vintage aesthetics with a sturdy build. The woven wood fibers add not only a decorative touch but also a sophisticated charm.

The seat, which is made from a set of concrete figures, recalls a precious embroidery of the past. The extraordinary weaves are not only a decorative element but also give the design a one-of-a-kind charm.

The Sedia Lupo 1945 chair expertly balances strength and elegance. Albini's rigorous approach is evident in the chair's design, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.

The scrupulous selection of the materials chosen for the Sedia Lupo is the origin of such dignified craftsmanship. The grace never gives way to strength but the two elements complete each other, creating a pleasant and functional object.

The Sedia 1938 chair breaks from traditional Italian design by highlighting the natural qualities of wood in its structure: the result is a chair that exudes aesthetics and functionality.

The wood structure elevates the design, bringing out the finer qualities of its natural material. The different elements seamlessly connect together, enhancing one another.

The Poltrona 1938 armchair is a re-edition of an iconic piece by Franco Albini. From the genius of the designer to the skill of the cabinet maker, the armchair merges beauty and comfort. The centrality of wood harmoniously flows between the elements that emphasize its craftsmanship.


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