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Cliff Dèco, A Collection of Great Modularity

The Cliff Dèco Collection from Talenti enriches the already large Cliff family and is the result of a long design and creative research for a new generation of products for outdoor living. The collection in its entirety is synonymous with great versatility, the modularity of the structure allows you to arrange the elements in absolute freedom, generating infinite combination possibilities.


Ludovica Serafini, co-founder with Roberto Palomba of the Palomba Serafini Associati studio, has been designing products that escape trends for over 25 years. Their designs result in a selection of values and themes rather than a reduction of project. They aim to bring a greater number of people together with their artisan traditions that preserve and pass on the culture of Italian know-how.


To learn more about Talenti, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom or 713.439.0044 for our Houston Decorative Center showroom.


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