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Discover Bonaldo's Distinctive Dining Designs

Every Bonaldo collection offers an iconic strength of form coupled with dynamic variations of materials, colors, and finishes, while at the same time establishing new classics in contemporary design. Combining personality and discretion with innovation and memory, the Bonaldo total look introduces new and until now, unseen possibilities with which to give character to interiors that involve every furnishing element. As a result, the style of every dining space is defined in a stable and solid way, in a continuous interaction between surprise and familiarity.

Designed by Gino Carollo

The base of the Curling Table is carved from a single block of Carrara or black Marquinia marble, resulting in the simplest and purest of forms. A metal cylinder sits on top of the marble base to support the table top, in ultra-clear transparent glass, creating a truly sleek overall effect. Ultimately, Curling is defined by its instinctive, immediate design, its bold character, and its imposing scenic presence.

Designed by Mauro Lipparini

Comfortable looking thanks to the fully leather-upholstered and padded body, the Lamina Side Chair is distinguished by rounded corners that give originality to the ensemble and refined sartorial details that highlight the excellent quality of the processes and materials used. The structural stability is ensured by the solid seat surface that secures and stabilizes the two side edges of the chair.

Designed by Mauro Lipparini

Lamina Too is a leather stool, embellished with matching stitching edges. Measured with a timeless elegance, which furnishes with style and practicality, Lamina Too is characterized by sober and harmoniously proportionate forms. The modern and essential design, enhanced by the high quality and the skillful workmanship of the materials, makes Lamina Too a valid solution for any environment, from classic to contemporary.


To learn more about Bonaldo, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom or 713.439.0044 for our Houston Decorative Center showroom.


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