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Discover Henge's #21 Collection from Milano Design Week

During Milano Design Week 2021, Henge was presented an opportunity to open a dialogue on their new #21 Collection, made possible by artistic director Massimo Castagna, lifestyle designer Ugo Cacciatori, and renowned architecture studio Yabu Pushelberg.

For Henge, beauty is a necessity to be shared to satisfy the desire and cultivate its resurgence. They continue on their research path, renewing daily their sublime obsession for contrast, uniqueness, and perfect imperfection.

Their pursuit of materials and their evolution with the rarest and most expressive instincts are rooted in different cultures and the most remote international landscapes, combining wood stone, metal, glass, leather, and fabric that can all be discovered on the opposite side of the world.



Coffee Tables

Sofas and Armchairs


Discover more from Henge's #21 Collection.


To learn more about Henge, contact us at or call 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you.


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