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Discover Manutti's Distinctive Moods

For almost two decades, Manutti has focused on the design and creation of luxury outdoor furniture. All their iconic tables, chairs, footrests, loungers and sofas incorporate the colors of the natural world and invoke a sense of outdoor living unlike any other.

Drawing inspiration in the allure, beauty, and vibrancy of everyday environments, Manutti creates a series of moods in materials, colors and designs that stand out, but are designed to fit right in.

Explore some of Manutti's moods:

Tender Earth

Natural rope, teak and ceramics with warm, earthy tones make up Manutti's Tender Earth mood. Solid fabrics with subtle structures and muted colors: terracotta, pale red, grey, beiges and browns create a rustic and cozy vibe. Soft tones blend beautifully with red-toned accessories or bold emerald greens to create a vivd display of outdoor luxury.

Crisp Water

Characterized by the fusion of robust materials with royal nautical colors, Manutti's Crisp Water mood adds a light, minimal aspect to the outdoor space. Contrasting black teak nero and Carrara white marble provide a more diffused effect, while touches of yellow or orange add a bold splash of color.

Tropical Concrete

Discover the perfect mix of old and new. A combination of vigorous natural elements, Manutti's Tropical Concrete mood features elements such as rope, teak and ceramics, with relaxing cooler shades that symbolize the growing synergy between city and nature.

Salty Dunes

Inspired by the ocean and the sand, Salty Dunes is swayed by supple rope, seaborne colors and weathered wood. Mix and match soft flint with natural teak or subtle colors of silver, white, soft green and yellow shades that are reminiscent of sand dunes, ocean water and sparkling sun.


To learn more about Manutti and their distinctive moods call 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you or email us at


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