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Distinctive Dining with Henge

Under the artistic direction of designer Massimo Castagna, Henge has stood out as the benchmark for the entirety of the high-end interior designer industry. Today, Henge satisfies the most discerning of clientele and a wide range of different lifestyles around the world. Their unique approach to the dining category can be seen through their collaboration with leading architects and interior designers.


Ted Table

With a very incisive graphic design with clean, geometric minimalism, the Ted Dining Table is made more valuable in its essentiality by its surface of burnished steel or brass and the underlying leg in stone. Designed by Hilla Havkin.

Synapses Table

The design of the Synapses Table builds bridges between huge volumes and thin elements, giving lightness and a heavenly look to a monolith material. Designed by Massimo Castagna.

Stone Table

A tabletop of natural stone with matching cantilevered legs, the Stone Table is as impressive as it is beautiful. Able to be customized into different sizes and stone finishes, the design of this table is unmatched. Designed by Massimo Castagna.

Zenith Table Stone

An evolution of the well-known circular table, the Zenith Table Stone features a circular top that is supported by an elaborate steel base with a highly irregular shape and is covered with stone from Henge's range. Designed by Massimo Castagna.


A simplistic and linear design, the LY-Table is brought to life in metal and solid wood. Shaped legs and sides are covered in the same finishes, creating an all-over look of natural beauty. Designed by Massimo Castagna.


Massimo Castagna

A professional in the field of architecture, Massimo Castagna started working with Henge in 2011. Collection after collection, the dynamic duo continues to strengthen the unique identity of the brand.

Hilla Havkin

Owner of Havkin Architects, Hilla Havkin specializes in residential, commercial and public architecture. Her attention to fine details and materials, along with a dash of humor, are what make Havkin's work so unique.


To learn more about Henge, contact us at or 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you.


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