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Elevated Gaming with Lungolinea Wood

Lungolinea, designed by Adriano Design for Impatia, takes a classic vision and reinterprets it into something entirely new. It demonstrates the sophistication and ingenuity of Italian design and craftsmanship in the game of table tennis. Lungolinea is a refined object, a sublime witness of the most advanced Made in Italy technology, that it poses no limits to the game.

In its wood version, Lungolinea features a warm Oak base, low-iron glass, chrome components, and a premium laser-cut brown Alcantara net.


Driven by a passion for play, each Impatia game table exemplifies renowned Italian design and materiality. In its Wood version, Lungolinea harmonizes the soft touch of Walnut with a striking crystalline playing surface.


With its top-of-the-line design and ingenuity, the Lungolinea ping pong table is a multifunctional design that can be conveniently transformed into a modern dining table or meeting table with its easily removable net.


To learn more about Impatia, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom and 713.439.0044 for our Decorative Center Houston showroom.


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