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Exciting New Pieces from Arketipo!

With the fall season fast approaching, our showrooms are getting ready with plenty of new products to refresh our floors. One of our more featured brands, Arketipo, has released a collection of new products designed by a handful of their most prized designers, such as Gino Carollo, Mauro Lipparini, and Giuseppe Viganò. Keep reading to see what to expect from Arketipo's newest products.

Punta Ala is an outdoor sofa that is characterized by its enveloping and rigorous elementary geometric shapes, fundamental metal structure, and pleasurable relaxation. Punta Ala's shape emphasizes the juxtaposition between the rigid tubular lines of the load-bearing shell and the simple, soft volumes of the seating area. The resulting sensation of this outdoor sofa is one of lightness and freshness.

Back Pack is a sofa that is not only functional but looks like the most inviting place to sit for hours and relax. Back Pack takes the idea of what is comfortable to us and brings it a whole new context. Plush cushions, high quality wooden sections, modular concepts and a light touch to round off this stunning design.

Numa delivers not only on the name, which means 'delight' in Arabic, but also in how the chair provides balance to its surroundings. Numa is an expression of design that understands where the timeless masterpiece belongs – in your home. Light yet strong, soft yet knowing.

In Talamone, polygonal shapes and irregular circles are generated by contrasting elements, in abstract graphic compositions that are at once dynamic and elegant. Composed of closely set lines in solid wood, Talamone showcases solar forms and cutouts in surfaces with two different finishes: one in Corten stainless steel, the other in enamel.

The Effetto Notte nightstands are inspired by the "day for night" cinematic technique used to simulate the suffused flow of nocturnal environments in brighter circumstances. The curved metal outline of the legs make Effetto Notte's body appear floating, while still maintaining a sense of solidity. The top in thin marble adds an extra touch of classic modernism, contrasting nicely with the other materials of wood and metal.

The details make the design in Big Night. The fold of the headboard is a spontaneous, natural gesture: it expresses the ancestral discovery that surfaces could be modeled. The headboard is a meticulous rectangular-shaped panel, folded on the sides, at once a protective niche and a refined aesthetic element.


To learn more about Arketipo, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom or 713.439.0044 for our Houston Decorative Center showroom.


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