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Explore the Revamped Dressy & Moon Collection from Ideagroup

Known for their bespoke bathroom furniture design and accessories, Ideagroup continues to push the boundaries in modern bathroom furniture with their high-quality production, dynamic outlook and constantly evolving products.

Discover the revamped Dressy & Moon collections:


"Elegant atmospheres with distinguishing touches of contemporary vintage design."

Classic design elements blend with practical features, such as a distinctively modern profile. Wood finishes and desaturated colors create a distinctive atmosphere in the Dressy collection by BLOB. The air of classical bathroom furniture combines with the aesthetics of modern bathrooms throughout with the choice of customizable installations suited to all tastes.


"A clever, practical space-saving solution."

The Moon collection by BLOB identifies a new, innovative product concept that highlights the bathroom cabinets with a curved ceramic wash basin that adapts to the curves of the storage unit underneath. Moon is the ideal solution for even the smallest modern bathroom and provides a simple, yet essential nature that still remains elegant.


To learn more about Ideagroup and their revamped Dressy and Moon collections, call 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you.


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