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Exteta Brings Marble to Life

Marble, a timeless beauty. Exteta's skilled artisans bring their marble to life, creating furniture that is both elegant and durable. From dining and coffee tables to outdoor kitchen designs, each Exteta piece is a work of art for residential and commercial spaces alike. Keep reading to explore some of our favorite marble pieces from Exteta.

Designed by Massimo Castagna

With its noble design, the Giotto Table echoes timeless classicism. Its sculptural essence makes this element an iconic homage to a bygone era.

Made entirely of marble, Giotto's structure makes use of sinuous contrasts. The wide and tapered circumference with its monolithic and imposing legs are joined to the top by beveled geometries.

Every element is carved in marble. Arabescato Orobico Red, Steven Black, Ostuni Travertine: the chosen finish gives life to different chromatic games, creating personal furnishing motifs.

Designed by Paola Navone

Marble and wood embrace each other to make the Sunset Side Table a special item. The differences between the materials and the craft perfectly complement each other.

Every piece of the collection is part of a whole, a piece of a puzzle that can be mixed and matched countless times according to the space. Sunset is available in different sizes and heights.

Designed by Massimo Castagna

A surface with a distinctive outline, the Biscuit Dinner Table puts together a bold design with exceptional materials. The balance between the elements is the most iconic feature of Biscuit: the top is set to the marble legs by visible joints between the parts.

The most unique stone elements, carefully selected, offer elegant veining, enclosing the visual strength of a single, powerful essence.


To learn more about Exteta, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom or 713.439.0044 for our Decorative Center Houston showroom.


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