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Exteta: Masters of Italian Living

Spring is here, meaning its the perfect time for luxurious living with Exteta. Local manufacturers who promote 'Made in Italy' all over the world, Exteta believes that there are no shortcuts to beauty. They strive for quality across the borders of perception, captivating the inner essence of each materials, delivering it to the world in a new shape.

Exteta's awe-inspiring pieces are made for the indoors and outdoors, or even for hybrid spaces. They work diligently to craft the finest provides, constantly building bridges between humans and nature.


Caprera Sofa

Born from a real custom experience tailored to individual desires, the Caprera Sofa combines the simplicity of its lines and the natural harmony of mahogany with a wide range of materials that enrich the piece with unique movement.

Clove Pouf

A furnishing element with an abundant circumference, the Clove Pouf is able to characterize every room with its irregular perfection. The wedge stitching is the signature of a style made of details.

Joint Coffee Table

Two handmade solid wood planks are connected to each other by means of precious burnished brass connectors in the Joint Coffee Table. The imposing presence of the top is damped by the more delicate and symmetrical volumes of the support blocks below.

Tellaro Sun Lounger

The relaxing look of the Tellaro Sun Lounger makes the perfect poolside vibe meet the elegance of an element mixing the finest materials. The beauty of Tellaro can be enjoyed alone or in company, with the double version putting together two full seats.

10th Butterfly

10th Butterfly is a refined micro-architecture in mahogany creating comfortable and elegant space in the outdoor living. Recalling the nautical style, the curtains play with the structure in wood creating an irregular game of shadows going with the wind.


Bridge Dining Table

The rectangular top of the Bridge Dining Table is framed by an artfully carved perimeter at the four corners for the monolithic legs. The table is the mirror in which the entire setting is reflected.

Vieste Dining Chair

The Vieste Chair is an iconic looking seat bringing a vintage feel reinterpreted following the modern trends. The different materials connect contrasts in the most harmonic way.


Tree Light

The bold design of Tree Light follows the organic uniqueness of nature and gives full freedom to creativity, allowing the most unique compositions and shapes.


To learn more about Exteta, contact us at or call 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you.


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