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Exteta's Sunset Collection – Defined by Comfort

"Feeling good is like pleasantly indulging, as you don't need anything else other than living in the moment." This is the mantra of Exteta's newest collection – the Sunset Collection. Designed by Paola Navone, Sunset fully enhances the comfortable mood of outdoor sitting.

Extreme Well-Being

Every piece of Exteta's Sunset Collection is part of a whole, individual pieces of a puzzle that can be mixed and matched countless times to perfectly fit into any outdoor space.


The lines of rope in the Basket Sofa cross and part ways to meet again. The sturdy and supple sofa adjusts to the movements of your body, accommodating them for superior relaxation.


The polished structure of the Sunset Collection is in Sapelli mahogany wood that is emphasized by the differences of each element. Its wood finish remarkably matches the soft padding of the sofas and chairs.


Enjoy shaping comfort with the Sunset Sun Lounger, which provides maximum adaptability for all lounging needs.


Aluminum piping makes products in the Sunset Collection an ethereal objects with a slender look. The clean interweaving of rope holds the chair together.


The Sunset Dining Chair is a light chair for the most beloved of moments: the ones we share with others. The materials mix and match in an unexpected way in the wrapping features and arched armrests that increase the comfort of sitting.


To learn more about Exteta, contact us at or call 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you.


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