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Gallotti&Radice, Intimate Vibes

Discover the second chapter of Gallotti&Radice's new catalog, "Homescapes, Intimate Portraits".

Subtle refined contrasts that inhabit every room, in which essences, marble, brass, fabrics and glass together draw a precise aesthetic and mark the time of those who live in the house of Gallotti&Radice. Through traditions translated into images, spaces take on an identity thanks to those who choose to inhabit them, making them their own.

Hand-burnished metal originates from an innovative artisanal and manual process, carried out through repeated acid-etching that accelerates the natural oxidation process of the metal. Creating an attractive uneven effect of shades and patterns, this process enhances the beauty and originality of each piece so that it becomes unique, exclusive, and impossible to duplicate.

Antique brass is a sophisticated finish, born out of a cycle of artisanal processes that gives it richness and depth. The first coating on the crystal glass panels features a metal component, to which another darker coat is added, and is subsequently laid, smoothed and polished manually. The precious essence of the metal re-emerges and is enhanced through bright reflections.

Light radiates around the spaces and the rooms open to the outside, showing a setting of absolute refinement, enhanced by finishes and fabrics in delicate tones in contrast with sculptural metals.

Introducing "Homescapes, Intimate Portraits", a welcoming and vibrant home that tells a story of balance between styles and passions.


To learn more about Gallotti&Radice, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 to be connected to our Dallas Design District showroom.


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