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Gallotti&Radice Present New Products at IMM-Cologne 2020

Along with five new products, Gallotti&Radice reveal range extensions and restyling of existing creations at the international interiors show in Cologne, a furnishing fair where trendsetters and creative newcomers showcase their inspiring interior design ideas and provide markets with new impetus.

Gallotti&Radice was the first company in Italy to promote their love for the studio and the use of glass within furniture arrangements. Other companies followed suit, signifying a sense of responsibility in light of culture and design for Gallotti&Radice to assume the task and role of continuing the development of "genuine" glass designs.


Wooden sideboard covered by black chromed "supermirror"stainless steel with black lacquered open pore solid ash strips. Inside equipped with an extralight glass shelf and inside back panel is covered by a mirror.


Table with a wooden or marble top divided into four sections with a 100mm rotating glass plate and 6mm tempered glass covering the wooden base.


Sideboard in a black open pore lacquered ash with satin protected brass details. 6mm bright licquorice painted tempered glass top and inside back. Rhomboidal engraved pattern on the inside glass back. Supplied with smoke "grigio Itlaia" glass shelves and includes LED lighting.


Coffee table in black lacquered solid wood, covered by hand-knurled boded part with a hand burnished brass base. Also available in Calcutta Vagli Oro, Verde Alpi or Fior de Pesco marble.


Table and coffee table with black brushed lacquered ash top and black hand-brushed anodized aluminum base with black metal details. Also available with hand-decorated craquelé glass top or in Verdi Alpi, Nero Marquinia, Fior di Pesco, or Bianco Carrara marble.

Contact us for more information on Gallotti&Radice via email or call 214.742.8111.


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