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Get a Good Night's Rest with Arketipo's Spectacular Beds

When it comes to Arketipo, design is life. Design is the starting point for any project, an essential value that makes each product unique and precious as an art form. And beds shouldn't be any different. Arketipo's range of beds and bedroom furniture are designed not to be separate from their other collection, but be part of the very things that make what they do so special. They take their engineering ethos and timeless glamour from their visionary designs and bring them into the resting areas.


Auto-Reverse Dream

Designed by Giuseppe Viganò

If timeless glamour were an object, Auto-Reverse Dream would be it. Its minimal structure, hand-crafted materials, reversible cushions and limitless opportunities to create something unique with Auto-Reverse Dream's stitchings, zips, color and material choices – this is what makes Auto-Reverse Dream a true design reality.

Crazy Dream

Designed by Giuseppe Viganò

Crazy Dream is a bed that continues to strive for the very same ethos as its sister design, Crazy Diamond. The headrest of Crazy Dream is effortlessly brought across, showcasing a design ideology that is the Arketipo way. Its adjustable design and ability to hide cushions and provide ultimate comfort makes Crazy Dream a retro design for a modern age.

Starman Dream

Inspired by Starman, Arketipo's statement-making sofa, Starman Dream is soft where Starman is angular. Starman Dreams is about curved lines coupled with a clear connection to its sofa counterpart, and that connection is about interior life – and living it uniquely.


Giuseppe Viganò

As a designer, Giuseppe Viganò has a creative spirit and a relevant sense of beauty, which he rediscovers each time and makes it rational in every new project. The planning research is the base of his creative thought, which always leads him to achieve new goals. New materials often become a starting point to create not only a product but complete collections as well.

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba have a philosophical approach: the search for essence in every project, closer to the concept of balance, the goal of their work is not only an aesthetic result but the well-being. Their products are born to last, not only in the market but especially as companions within the home.


For more information about Arketipo, contact us at or call 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you.


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