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Giuseppe Viganò for Arketipo

As a designer for the coveted Italian brand, Arketipo, Giuseppe Viganò has a creative spirit and a relevant sense of beauty, which he rediscovers each time and makes it rational in every new project he does. The planning research is the base of his creative thought, which always leads him to achieve new goals. New materials often become a starting point to create not only a product, but complete collections.

His research for references comes from the art world, fashion and poetry and are often the bridging point for his products in a transversal way – the majority of his well-known products are born from painting concepts or glamorous details, others are poetic gestures that create seducing forms.


Night Fever by Giuseppe Viganò is about your moment, a time for you to capture your evening, your way, to create your memories, to trigger them when you need to escape into a place of total comfort. This is a sofa that wants you to find your spot of comfort, your ambition to create your ultimate sense of living. Place the cushions how you want, discover the irregular shape to be playful in its execution – here, you decide how you want to sit.

Dynamic design is something that plays with the emotive core, makes us question so many things, but what it should do is also shift our perceptions. Overdrive is there to do that very thing. A chair that moves and creates an instant emotional question, Overdrive moves between the nuances of the contemporary world and that of fantasy.

An original design that is purposefully constructed to provide whoever uses it with two strong sensations: comfort and design. Roxy features a high back that is regal in nature with a wide seat. The unique headrest design offers a pinch-quilted upholstery, making Roxy a refined piece of furniture.


To learn more about Arketipo, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom or 713.439.0044 for our Decorative Center Houston showroom.


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