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i4Mariani On the Big Screen

The link between cinema and design is strong, and i4Mariani is no stranger to being in the limelight. The selection of furniture for set design isn't just randomly selected but ultimately serves a larger purpose. Often furniture used in a set can evoke a certain time period, create an atmosphere, or even how the status and taste of a character.

Dating all the way back to the 80s, i4Mariani's innovative office furniture has been featured in dozens of iconic films, television shows, and a handful of music videos, bringing the stunning world of modern design on set. Below are some of i4Mariani's more iconic appearances on the big screen:

Wall Street

Michael Douglas, alias Gordon Gekko, standing behind the Big armchair in the movie Wall Street.

The Big armchair establishes the importance of the proper working environment, as well as conference rooms. The chair is structured with beechwood multi-ply panels, while the seat and arm cushions are covered by bonded plush, giving exceptional comfort. The armchair also features a tilt mechanism and height-adjustable lever, allowing it to change and adapt to fit the user's needs.

The big armchair was also featured in other prominent movies, such as The Cold Room, Beverly Hills Cops, and Weekend at Bernie's.

The Devil's Advocate

Elite was featured in The Devil's Advocate, which premiered in 1997

Made of honeycomb fiberboard with a solid beechwood frame, the sleek Elite Desk has black melamine-coated panels and can be completely covered by saddle leather with an inlay of black varnished glass or of black laminate on the underside. The Elite chair accents the desk perfectly with its tubular steel black varnish and elegant fabric or leather upholstery.

Elite was also featured in Die Hard and the popular television series, Friends.

Other People's Money

i4Mariani's Rotar Desk in Other People's Money

An oldie but a goodie, the Rotar desk was designed by Guido Faleschini and was the product of a collaboration between the architects' imagination and the work of the artisans, using advanced technologies to create a design with outstanding shape and substance.

Questions or concerns about i4Mariani's office collection? Our showrooms are temporarily closed, but we're still hard at work! Our dedicated team is working hard from home and are available via phone, email, social media, FaceTime or video conference as needed during regular store hours.


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