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Innovation Meets Italian Craftsmanship with Impatia's New Derby Collection

Already renowned for their collection of Italian-made billiards tables, Impatia is proud to introduce an exclusive preview of their new Derby Collection with the launch of the Derby di Milano to celebrate the return of Milano Design Week. A modern rendition of the classic football table, Derby di Milano is elevated by refined design, innovation, and the highest level of Italian artistry.

This new design leads the way to the next chapter for Impatia, with its stunning design that brings together craftsmanship and unmistakable style to be immediately recognizable to Impatia's DNA. Conceptually born amid worldly social and technological transformations, Derby di Milano aims to synthesize two conflicting concepts: luxury design and prevalence.

Produced exclusively in Italy by selected artisans, Derby di Milano's design comes from the creative team led by Impatia's founder Gregg Brodarick and designer Lucia Guazzi, who enhanced new aspects of the game with a fresh and contemporary vision.

Derby di Milano elevates the game of table football with its crystalline glass playing field which is supported by a refined solid wood structure and touches of modernity with its geometric handles and magnificent metal detailing.

Derby di Milano is available in three wood versions: natural, brown, or smoked grey, with chromed finished metal rods that hold twenty-two players in anodized aluminum.

Each and every Impatia game table can be tailor-made to each order received. The first deliveries of the Derby di Milano tables will begin in January 2022.


To learn more about Impatia and their new Derby di Milano table, contact us at or call 800.226.8664 to be connected to the showroom nearest you.


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