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Introducing Henge's Limited Marble, Breccia Medicea dell'Acqua Santa

Breccia Medicea dell'Acqua Santa is a marble that is able to energize anything that surrounds it. At Henge, they fell in love with the marble's unique expressive ability and aims to create new pages of a story. The Italian-made brand selected this limited marble stone to pay tribute to its unmatched beauty.

Used in the workshops of the greatest Tuscan sculptors during the Renaissance, the Breccia Medicea dell'Acqua Santa is now used by Henge to explore the potential of this marble as diffusers of dreamlike sensations and timeless beauty for superior interior design pieces.

The warmth of the Breccia Medicea dell'Acqua Santa can be found in pieces that will become the "spokespeople" for this legendary material that will forever remain of the most precious materials of nature and time.

Alter Ego is a manifesto of minimalism and rigorous elegance, with a timeless style. Two different complementary and overlapping souls, precious metal and stone, emphasize a cross-hybridization of contemporaneity and tradition.


To learn more about Henge, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom.


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