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Introducing Talenti Outdoor Living

Created by ambitious individuals with revolutionary ideas, Talenti Outdoor Living is now available at Cantoni Trade. The collection is made up of beautiful and functional furnishings that pay careful attention to details, allowing each piece to pass the test of time and turn any outdoor space into one with extraordinary experiences.


The elegance and sophisticated appeal of natural teak combined with contemporary aluminum gives life to the Cruise Collection. The die-casting technique used on the base allows for stunning detail in its design, which becomes a distinctive element of the collection, giving the upholstery and tables a greater aesthetic impact.


Designed by Ramón Esteve, the Casilda Collection features plain geometries, warm lighting, and a captivating, neutral palette. Every iconic aspect is drawn back to its designer, finding a perfect balance between materials and shapes.


An ideal blend of unusual materials and the endless pursuit of new ways of expression, the Cliff Collection is synonymous with great versatility. Each detail, made with woven nautical ropes and geometric patterns, convey a sense of playfulness with a glamorous touch.


A mesmerizing display of lines and shapes, each Tribal Lamp elevates any outdoor space with a soft glow and unique design. Made of nautical roping and sturdy aluminum, these lamps are built to withstand the test of time while forever providing a captivating source of outdoor lighting.

To learn more about Talenti's Outdoor Living collection, visit the Cantoni Trade website.


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