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Introducing the New Plinto Dining Table from Meridiani

Designed by Andrea Parisio in 2015, the Plinto Dining Table collection by Meridiani is now available in a new version – a new design with a monolithic look. The 3W and 4W models are proposed with a completely mono-bloc base, with either three or four legs and a top with different geometrical shapes and dimensions.

The versatility of the new Plinto Dining Table is almost endless with its combinations of materials and finishes, from the shades of the lacquers to the wide range of marbles and oak woods, all of which strongly denote this iconic collection.

Plinto is a sculptural soul for a project that is ever-changing thanks to the balance between shapes and finishes. A form and name that recalls stability: Plinto is from the Latin plinthus, recalling the architectural elements supporting a column.


Discover the new Plinto Dining Table and the rest of Meridiani's dynamic collection at our Dallas Design District showroom. Contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for more information.


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