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Kumo: The Perfect Blend Between Design and Everyday Comfort

Creativity doesn't have to depart from practicality. However, when a vision turns into a reality, it's all about aligning the design to the end user. For French designer Lionel Doyen, this skill comes naturally. His style tends to lean on the personal and experimental side of things but in the end, he always keeps the customer experience in mind. Designed for Manutti, Lionel's Kumo Collection is the perfect example of how he blends design and everyday comfort.


Poetic and playful, the Kumo Collection is named after the Japanese word for 'cloud'. The collection boasts a lightweight sofa that brightens up every outdoor moment by enabling customers to create their own refined, personalized clouds of comfort with its modular and versatile design.

Kumo is both airy and light thanks to its powder-coated aluminum base and foam seating. The concept of the design features interchangeable covers of different shapes and sizes and also includes decorative pillows and seat and back cushions from Manutti's range of extensive water-resistant fabrics.

Kumo is versatile in that its armrests and back supports are easily adjustable and movable, transforming into a plush sofa or stylish lounger, and even a lounge chair into a relaxing footrest. And thanks to its modular and adaptable design, Kumo is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Create the perfect living space, indoors or out, with Kumo's different configurations and customization options. Its seating and throw pillows come in a wide range of colors, from muted neutrals to eye-catching vibrant shades, to help create a defining mood or even add an extra touch of light.

Discover the entire Kumo Collection.


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