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Meridiani Bedrooms: Dedicated to the Renewal of Mind and Body

Meridiani's sleeping areas are dedicated to the renewal of mind and body. Beds with essential or self-imposing headboards, with smooth or quilted finishes are surrounded by night tables, dressers, writing desks, as well as different accessories, which witness the encounter between sophisticated, refined aesthetics and comfort – a true well-being. Keep reading to discover what Meridiani's bedroom collection has to offer at our Dallas Design District showroom.

A collection of modular beds, rich and refined in terms of both structure and details, the Cliff Bed allows the utmost customization freedom with its headboards and bases that are available in a wide selection of dimensions, finishes, and accessories. The L-shaped structure is the bed base and supports the headboard: the horizontal panels on both sides of the bed can be used to stack books or to place lamps, or may be completed with one of its many complements.

The Edward Writing Desk features a wide top and generous proportions which recalls the image of the elegant 'vanity tables' of the past. Its metal base supports the matte or glossy lacquered wooden top endowed with a lip and a drawer in the front edge.

Perfect proportions are featured in the Keeton Chair, suitable for both living and nightly areas. The Fit version of Keeton is completely covered with textile or leather, hiding the base in favor of a mono-material look, while the wood version shows a wooden backrest and feet.

Birk is a mirror that is reminiscent of the 70s, characterized by the elegant detail of the soft frame in leather. A timeless, functional, but also decorative element, Birk is available in various sizes and shapes – square, rectangular, or round – and can be hung or leaned against the wall as artwork.


To learn more about Meridiani, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom.


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