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New Meridiani Project in Miami

Thirty-eight floors up, you'll find a refined collection of Meridiani furniture in a 1,378 square-foot apartment in Miami's prestigious One Thousand Museum.

The project, signed by Zaha Hadid and completed by Zaha Hadid Studio Architects, is located in the heart of downtown Miami and is a structural masterpiece in terms of the vertical concrete architecture. Inspired by the building's exterior, the neat lines and warm textures of the Meridiani collection perfectly harmonize with the curved architectural shape of the building.

Meridiani was able to create a tailored solution to achieve a welcoming atmosphere within the residence with pieces such as the Belt Low Tables, Plinto Dining Table and the Tuyo Kuoio Bed in the interior and the Claud Open Air Lounge Bed and Bongo Open Air Low Table out on the terrance.

With these versatile and timeless collections, all of which display a wide range of textures and shades of fabric and leathers from Meridiani's portfolio, the complete interior design bears the signature of Hernan Arriaga, a leading figure on the international scene with projects worldwide from the United States to the Middle East and Europe.

Photography done by Paul Stoppi. For more information about Meridiani, please visit


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