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Regenerate with Meridiani

Italy-based brand Meridiani stands out in the furniture scene thanks to its contemporary and versatile collections. Neat and pure shapes along with a constant research for new materials and textures suggest a sophisticated way of living everyday life. Their collection of bedroom furniture is dedicated to the renewal of the mind and body with sophisticated, refined aesthetics and comfort.


Cliff Bed

A collection of modular beds, rich and refined in terms of both structure and details, the Cliff Bed allows the utmost freedom with its headboards and bases available in a wide selection of dimensions, finishes and accessories. The entire Cliff range is about flexibility, even in its finishes: the headboard and base can be either manufactured in the same material or with different ones for a visually, extremely rich solution.

Tuyo Bed

The aesthetic values of the Tuyo Bed are the care for details and the utmost freedom: a program of contemporary beds combining design research with sartorial taste and absolute comfort. From the construction of the frames of the choices of the materials to the quilting of the covers, Tuyo offers the highest artisanal quality without compromises.

Kira Bed

Kira is an upholstered textile bed that is characterized by a high and curved headboard, and at the same time defines its visual impact and invites to relax. The feet are in black stained wood.


Art director and designer of Meridiani, Andrea Parisio is experienced in designing interior projects and commercial spaces. Over the years, the collection has been enriched and expanded, and the constant collaboration with the designer has guaranteed to the brand a consistent and homogeneous growth in terms of style.

*Meridiani is available at our Dallas Design District showroom


To learn more about Meridiani, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 to be connected to our Dallas Design District showroom.


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