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Rimadesio: New Interiors

"New Interiors" is the new Rimadesio collection that was conceived to define new ways of living. It showcases a new dimension in which surfaces become vessels and spaces freely morph in a harmony of perfect movements. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.

Interior One is a dividing solution of strong visual value, consisting of the Maxi sliding panels. In this environment, the suspended Self sideboard, enriched by a new combination of finishes, creates a counterpoint for its design simplicity.

New components, such as the Self Plan writing desk and the Velaria sliding pocket panel in the Modular wall paneling system make up Interior Two. Innovations aimed at maximum integration between systems, so as to accentuate their expressive and design potential.

The different Rimadesio systems in Interior Three perfectly coordinate on the technical, dimensional, and finishing level. In the living room environment, the different areas are divided thanks to the Velaria sliding panels, and in which the Modular wall paneling system, integrated with the Self suspended storage units, best expresses its aesthetic and functional qualities.

The proposal for Interior Four includes special suspended shelves on which dedicated storage units can be freely arranged. In the environment, Modulor responds to different design, aesthetic, and storage functions, making it easily adaptable to the complexity of the space.

A solution to different storage requirements, Interior Five suggests a unique style as a result of the combination of the quality of materials, the precision of movements, and the originality of materials. A unique dimension, interpreted by Cover and Cover freestanding with transparencies that conceal thin metallic textures and surfaces that create constantly changing vibrations of light.

The cover system in Interior Six is completed to allow greater design freedom. Perfectly uniform in interior equipment and finishes, Cover Open is designed to complement other versions and suggest an original and consistent style, made of precision and formal quality.


To learn more about Rimadesio, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom.


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