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The Delight Chairs St. Moritz, Exteta's Newest Project

Having worked with Exteta in the past on The Delight Chairs, Loro Piana reveals The Delight Chairs St. Moritz. A refined interpretation of the classic director's chair, The Delight Chairs St. Moritz came from the shared values and vision of Loro Piana Interiors, Exteta, and Paola Navone with her Studio Otto.

Originally designed to be enjoyed on the deck of a yacht, with its foldable design and matching stool, The Delight Chairs St. Moritz is an edition with backrests and seats in fine merino wool and cashmere by Loro Piana Interiors. The exclusive "barrique" finish of the wood, with its warm tones, is paired with the seats and backrests, both treated with The Rain System® technology that makes natural fabrics water resistant.

The new collection was unveiled at the NOMAD St. Moritz, an exhibition where art, architecture and design meet and merge in the splendid Chesa Planta Museum in Samedan. This exclusive event, the second for Loro Piana Interiors, saw the series The Delight Chairs St. Moritz exhibited alongside the great pieces of design and art that have emerged for their originality and quality over the last year, making it a truly unmissable event.


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