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Total Living by Gallotti&Radice

Founded in 1955, Gallotti&Radice was the very first company to experiment with glass crystal in furniture production. Today, they stays true to their heritage by combining glass crystal with various materials to create elegant and elaborate lifestyle solutions.

To add to their expansive range of Italian furnishings and accessories, Gallotti&Radice has introduced a new collection, Total Living. Dedicated to the living, dining and bedroom and complete with an accessories line, Total Living is an exhaustive design proposal where the ability for crystal processing blends with the search for innovative handmade finishes and the exploration of new techniques.

A mix of shapes, colors and materials were brought together in this collection to create unique and personalized solutions for the modern home. The utilization of different materials and various style combinations allow for a variety of compositions that ultimately create a comprehensive collection that is designed for every room of the house.

The Total Living collection can be viewed in Gallotti&Radice's new catalogue.

For more information about Gallotti&Radice, call 214.742.8111 to connect to the Cantoni Trade Dallas Design District showroom.


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