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Under the Spotlight with Henge

The Superb-All Horizontal from Henge immediately brings to mind a certain resemblance to the moon with its warm light and light body of gray fiberglass. Superb-All Horizontal features a highly tactile-looking spherical diffuser, which is available in different dimensions. Its globes are fixed to a brass tubular frame, giving the impression that it’s floating in mid-air.

Owing to this object’s refinement and equilibrium, Superb-All Horizontal can be placed in settings with extreme sobriety or can steal the show if you opt for a solution composed of multiple pieces. Different dimming systems available upon request. Superb-All Horizontal is available in black burnished steel, burnished titanio, burnished platino, burnished brass, black burnished brass, H-Silver, and H-Silver black.

Light: it’s not just a necessity – a convenience – but an increased, infinite aesthetic path. For the Italian brand Henge, beauty is a necessity to be shared to satisfy the desire we feel while also cultivating its resurgence. Their sculptural lighting offers a balance between its elements to create a harmonious space where elegance and boldness come together as one.


Henge started working with architect and designer Massimo Castagna back in 2011. Collection after collection, the dynamic duo continues to strengthen the unique identity of the brand. As Henge's art director, Castagna has organized philosophy, identity, product selection, and briefings on products and coordinating designers.


To learn more about Henge, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom and 713.439.0044 for our Houston Decorative Center showroom.

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