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Since 1990, Cantoni has operated Contempo Designs–dedicated solely to the A & D (architecture and design) community–in the Dallas World Trade Center and the Houston Decorative Center. 

Over time, we realized we wanted to make our resources easily accessible to the design community in both Dallas and Houston. 

In late 2017 we expanded our Houston Decorative Center showroom. We added an exclusive monobrand space dedicated to Aster Cucine. This state of the art space showcases the full spectrum of the Aster Cucine line. 

In October 2018 we opened a 30,000 sq. foot trade showroom in a renovated midcentury space in the Dallas Design District and incorporated both the Houston and Dallas showrooms under the Cantoni brand. 

Cantoni Trade is a one stop resource for the Dallas and Houston design community. Our interactive space comprises a curated design portfolio complete with kitchen and closet systems as well as interior and outdoor furnishings from exclusive brands. 

cantoni trade brochure

"By focusing on the needs of the architecture and design community, we have created a showroom unlike any experience."



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