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Defining a Modern Space with Arketipo

Defining a space is a challenge that every designer faces. To create a space of harmony and one that represents a unique character, you need to have an eye for the right combination of products, color palette, and flow. With Arketipo, they lay out a simple set of rules to keep in mind when designing a space that will make creating something truly extraordinary easy.


No matter the style of the space that you're creating, color is essential. Take for example the space shown here. Only a few carefully selected pieces have the ability to breathe character into such a small space. Brass details run through the living space, creating an original reference between industrial style and a modern chic mood.

The walls are covered in black stone panels that contrast beautifully with the bronze reflections that the roof provides, while the off-white parquet evokes an atmosphere of the natural world, giving a solidness to the dynamic design.

But what really ties the design together is the blue Auto Reverse sectional, designed by Giuseppe Viganò. Combined with the modern and timeless nature of stone and metal, the crushed velvet sofa gives softness to the space. The contrast of the color on the reverse side of the sectional is stark, a cream that allows the floor and walls to blend in, giving the blue color a more prominent appearance.


Modern design is unique in that it is subject to unwritten rules, ones that make a space unique. The same color scheme can be found throughout this space, including in the bedroom, where the Auto Reverse Dream bed captures the essence of this theme to perfection: the minimal structure, the handcrafted materials, the reversible cushions, and the infinite opportunities to create a unique piece with a choice of stitching, zips, and different colors and materials.

Capturing the essence of the space as a whole clearly shows how it distinguishes itself from other modern interpretations. The individual touches of elegance of brass, black, and even white. To define it is the lightness of space. It is having chosen the right objects and materials, capable of unifying all the elements in the best possible way, a task that Auto-Reverse performs perfectly.


To learn more about Arketipo, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom or 713.439.0044 for our Decorative Center Houston showroom.


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