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Rediscover the Pleasure of Conviviality with Meridiani Dining

Born from a simple passion in 1996, Meridiani boasts a new home collection characterized by a recognizable lifestyle, timeless yet always up to date, able to keep an eye open for trends but with deep roots in the past. Their sophisticated dining tells a story about new rules and rituals on the world of food, but also provides meeting places of great functionality, in which to rediscover the pleasure of conviviality. Dining tables in which the harmony of beauty and function reflect a unique lifestyle made of intuition, experimentation and attention to details.



A dining table characterized by its sculptural shape, Owen combines the absolute formal simplicity with the quality of its materials. This simplistic dining table consists of a rectangular top with rounded corners and a tapered base. The numerous finishes available for Owen's base, tops and under-top allows a complete product customization.


A sculptural table, Gong's visually striking strength is emphasized by the many available monochrome finishes available for the different materials. Gong is available both in the version with a very thick top or with a very thin one with smooth edges. Gong also features high customization possibilities through the finishes of both the majestic base and top.


A shape and a name that recall stability and planning – from the Latin word 'plinthus', Plinto is a sculptural table marked by three distinctive elements: a monolithic base, a light structure, and an expansive top. The table is available in different shapes and materials, allowing for many different configurations. The versatility of this collection and its almost endless possibilities of personalization mark this iconic collection, without forgetting the neat lines and balanced design in each version.


Zeno is a three-legged dining table with a strong identity suggesting precious retro appeal. Behind a refined recognizable look, Zeno hides an extremely complex realization phase, given by its asymmetrical tubular structure, overlapping and winding.


Andrea Parisio

Art director and designer of Meridiani, Andrea Parisio was born in 1964 in Lodi, Italy. In 1996, the first store in Milan was inaugurated: a dedicated space of ideas, where Parisio designed and showcased the first products of Meridiani's collection. Over the years, the collection has been enriched and expanded, and the constant collaboration with the designer has guaranteed the brand a consistent and homogenous growth in terms of style.

Meridiani is available only at our Dallas Design District showroom.


To learn more about Meridiani, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 to be connected to our Dallas Design District showroom.


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