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The Evolution of the Coffee Table

Coffee tables, also known as small tables, have the unique power of letting other objects take a room on while simultaneously making them functional and beautiful when selected with style in mind.

At Arketipo, they describe coffee tables as "supporting acts", a balance in a world of imbalance. They are a universal feature of living spaces all over the world, a piece that isn't the star of the show but commands attention all the same.

It is with designs like Mauro Lipparini's Final Cut and Douglas that we see beauty can be found within function. These are simply not tables; they are statements of individualized creativity.

Final Cut is a design that features a compact style with its multi-level surface. The upper level is a thin smoked glass layer that is connected with a rotating cylinder and pierces the lower level, a slab of thick marble.

With Douglas, from one angle you are greeted with unique shapes, and the other, a traditional and classical look that when combined, gives a sense of belonging. The mixture of metal, marble, and glass combines for a stunning finish, enriching environments and making us consider the space we live in with practicality and nuance.

For the curious consumer, glass gives us a clear view into how something is made. Dainelli Studio's Chimera is the epitome of glass construction with its curved and hammered smoked glass. Likewise, Mauro Lipparini's Rebus uses glass engineering to highlight other facets of this individual table and its forms.

Marble's beauty is that every slab can be different in colors and shades, creating different harmonies with their unique appearances. Marble is a natural material that is truly individual, refining a space and gracing interiors for centuries as a point of beauty. Take for example Gino Carollo's Moon Invaders, a design that welcomes the nuanced isometric American art movement of the 80s and 90s.


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