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The New #20 Collection by Henge

Henge invites you to discover the #20 Collection designed by Massimo Castagna, with a special collaboration with Ugo Cacciatori.

The new collection unveils a series of new arrivals that embodies charismatic personalities and a faithful commitment towards a suburb, high manual skilled tradition, adding unique idioms of strong incisiveness to a narration that once again surprises and intrigues with great empathy.

The metal finishes and patinas create a satisfying passion for superior quality craftsmanship and the selection of important materials and almost forgotten treatments enhance veins and grains of the textures, increasing a particular beauty of true authenticity.

Each single piece of this collection speaks of excellence, earning its own niche for its exclusive peculiarities, that when combined with its counterparts, creates a real special and highly valuable art ensemble.

For more information about Henge and their new #20 Collection, visit our website or call 800-226-8664 to be connected to a showroom nearest you.


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