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Meridiani's Oscar Becomes Modular

Meridiani's Oscar collection is the Italian brand's symbol of continuity and balance. Its sofa, chaise, and armchair all draw inspiration and are able to express elegance through soft lines and contemporary details.

But Oscar has just been elevated: its new modular design is among the exciting 2023 news from Meridiani and Andrea Parisio. The new Oscar strengthens and enhances its versatile design thanks to the possibility of combining the chaise and armchair elements to form personalized sofas, both in shapes and dimensions.


The individual modules of Oscar can be connected using retractable hook systems that allow one to develop different linear structures. Oscar extends and reinforces the functional beauty of its single elements, allowing for a more versatile seating area for even greater comfort.

In both variants (fixed and modular), Oscar can reflect the identity of its user, lending a distinctive aspect to all kinds of architectures and environments.


Art director and designer of Meridiani, Andrea Parisio was born in 1964 in Lodi in the North of Italy. Over the years Parisio's collection has been enriched and expanded, and the constant collaboration with the designer has guaranteed the brand a consistent and homogeneous growth in terms of style.

As an art director, Andrea Parisio oversees the coordination of the brand image, the corporate flagship stores and the exhibition displays at the furniture shows worldwide.


To learn more about Meridiani, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom.


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