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Gallotti&Radice 2022 Collection Preview

Gallotti&Radice is proud to announce the renewal of its collaboration with designers Studiopepe, Dainelli Studio, and Pietro Russo. The new 2022 Collection is characterized by clean and elegant lines, components that have always been fundamental for the Italian company. The collection is extraordinarily versatile thanks to the modularity and customization of the pieces that compose it, which is distinguished by a contemporary and ageless style.

Gallotti&Radice describes the keywords of this new collection: spontaneity, gentleness, and fluidity.

Designed by Studiopepe

Studiopepe proposes Stami, a collection that consists of four elements: a desk/vanity, pouf, bench and daybed. Stami draws inspiration from the sinuous movements that can be found in nature. The inspiration is found in the delicacy with which the organic structure of the curved wood opens to accommodate the seat rather than the worktop.

Designed by Dainelli Studio

The Lilas Mosaïque seating system was created to enhance the concept of fluidity in the living area. Lilas Mosaïque is able to transform itself according to the style and space in which it is inserted. By freely combining various elements, it's possible to obtain infinite scenarios that adapt to different environments and needs.

Designed by Pietro Russo

Pietro Russo found his inspiration for Hanami from the simple gesture of folding the corners of his notebooks in order to be able to find his drawings and sketches. Hanami is an opaque lacquered wood desk with a glossy lacquered wooden top. It is available in the colors Russo Persia, Grigio Londra, Nero Giza, Bianco Camargue, and Verde Provenza o Blu Pacifico.


To learn more about Gallotti&Radice, contact us at or call 214.742.8111 for our Dallas Design District showroom.


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